The Iron Ring

A breif review

The Recently Licensed Adventurers found that the source of the caravan attacks was the brothel.  It was run by an Oni who had assumed the form of the madam.  After vanquishing the fowl creature the group set off to right wrongs in the rest of the world. 

They first went to stop an Orcish Warband from ravaging the country side.  They watched in horror as ring general was split in half by the Warchief Dain Ogedai.  The Recently Licensed Adventurers  made allies and rallied the local towns folk to fight the Warband.  After a day long battle the heroes faced off against Dain on a bridge which gave way and swept away the Warcheif.  With no leader the surviving orcs began to flee.  The recently Licensed Adventurers were promoted after the battle to Sergeant of the iron ring. 

The heroes next went to Ravena to help with a prison break.  The met with an officer of the Iron Ring named Nevin who was there to recapture the Carnival of crime escapees.  After tracking some escapees through the sewer the party found themselves outside the city as a halfling caravan started setting up camp next to the Ravena.  The party adventured for over a week and caught several members of the carnival.  When they returned to town it was a very different scene.  The town was beset by a plauge.   After some investigation it was revealed that a halfling from the caravan named Molima Blighfist  was the cause of the sickness.  The heroes confronted him in the sewers where he was poisoning the water supply.  At the end of a lengthy battle Kestran knocked Molima into the putrid water.

During the celebration feast a priest of Pharasma asked for help with some grave robbers.  Before the party could accept the quest a large red headed man with a rough strewn hammer stood up.  The group decided to work together with this new comer who introduced himself as Olav.  They followed to the graveyard to find the grave robbers were actually skeletons reanimated by a green dragon.  After slaying the mighty beast our heroes were rewarded and returned to Ravena to depart on their next quest.


Shadowawn Shadowawn

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