A quaint village of 500 people from varying races.  As Apisko became the capital of the Iron Empire more and more travelers passed though Antioch a small number made homes.  A local garrison stationed at the newly built wall relies heavily on this town for supplies.   Mayor Devon has been running the town for the past 12 years with few complaints.  Antioch is the starting place of most common adventurers who come from far and wide to meet at the  Sower's Bounty.  The town center is fairly large has an ever changing market in the center and several established buildings around it.  Most of the towns population lives and works in the outlying farms. Places of interest in the town include:

Sower's Bounty

The Knowledge Emporium

The Red Cauldron

Nock Nock

Bigger is Better

The Shimmering Grotto

and Curios and Gimcrack


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