The Iron Ring

Blossoms and Drinking Horns

The Gods are capricious. They make demands, and usually offer little in the form of rewards. Except for Cayden, of course! A man turned God who shows us true warriors the way. But the other Gods are oft unreliable, and they always seem to ask for incredible sacrifices or bravery in return for secretive rewards. Shelyn, the goddess of art, beauty, and music required our assistance. As a man who appreciates beauty and music, especially when mixed with a hearty ale and the beauty is a voluptuous woman, I knew what we had to do next…

The town board still had plenty of work to be done. Among those, the town mystic needed help acquiring Ambrosia to offer to the Goddess Shelyn, in exchange for our work we were promised weapon enchantments. I may have been in a bit of a drunken stupor when we approached the kind woman, but the image of a flaming longsword was irresistible and so we set off to pick some flowers. I think thats what Ambrosia is, anyway.

Oh, and the woman said something about the town being cursed by someone or something named Baphomet. Who comes up with these names anyway? Cayden is a simple man, with simple desires. Would that all the Gods be such, life would be so much easier. I wonder what the town did to be cursed by a Baphomet. Is a Baphomet a thing? A God? A demon? Whatever the case, we were to find out shortly.

We approached the town carefully, as we were unsure what to expect. I believe the mystic warned us the town was cursed some 300 years ago, and had been abandoned ever since. Much to our surprise, however, the town seemed to be not entirely abandoned. Someone, or something, had constructed a giant hedge maze. And everyone knows what you find in hedge mazes! Fair maidens, usually. At least in the one hedgemaze I went to, but to be fair that was when I was tasked with escorting a noble to some garden party, so not entirely the same situation.

I digress. Kestran, the simple farmboy that he is, had the bright idea of sketching out the hedgemaze from our superior vantage point. This made finding our way through the maze  relatively easy. As we reached the center, the sense of dread we experienced upon first viewing the town grew deeper and more profound. We were not alone in this maze, and we found that out pretty quickly. 

A minotaur came from somewhere, it was hard to see in that maze. It was a mighty beast, with an equally mighty weapon. The battle was intense, but we triumphed. As was customary from my mercenary days, I felt it appropriate to claim a trophy of my kill. Namtar did not like this very much, but I was set on turning this mighty beasts horn into a fine drinking horn to better honor Cayden. For a holy man, Namtar seems rather ignorant of Cayden and his worshippers, preferring to go on about his masters perfect transcendence and blah blah blah.

We returned to town once again triumphant, though I dont think Namtar ever let go of the horn thing. Says the minotaur was once a human who was just cursed, but it sure just looked like a giant, angry bull to me. As I suspected, the horn seemed to carry some magical properties, and the mystic helped me turn it into a Tankard of the Drunken Hero, the perfect way to worship and bless the mighty Cayden Cailean! I suspect the others got some enchantments appropriate to them, but I promptly put my new drinking horn to use and so I couldnt tell you what they were, as I dont really remember. Cheers!


Shadowawn peref95

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