The Iron Ring

Dam Barbarians!

The order might be a bit confused, as I spent a majority of my time in Antioch worshipping Cayden as any good Cailenite should. Needless to say, our next outing got pretty wet…

We returned to town victorious, with Tane rewarding my hard work with some of his Dragons Breath ale. Thats mostly why I dont remember exactly how we got here. Namtar had to go read some books, or some such thing. Im not sure Fizz is even real most of the time, so I cant account for his whereabouts. I think the farmboy was training his pup. Mayor Devon made us aware of an issue with the local water supply, and since water is a crucial ingredient for ale, and ale being necessary for the worship of Cayden, I made haste to inform the group of our next mission. We were to restore the towns water supply, and to do that we had to first uncover what went wrong.

It doesnt take a tracker to know that every river has a source. We followed the river in the hopes of discovering what went wrong. It didnt take long to discover the river had been dammed. Why, or by whom, we wouldnt discover until we began our efforts at dismantling the dam. As we began considering our options, the sound of footsteps and screaming grew louder. 

Barbarians. Stinking, raving, barbarians attacked us, and presumably set up the dam. We tried to reason with them, for about a minute, but theres no reasoning with barbarians. The battle was joined. They were dispatched with general ease, and looting their bodies led to the discovery of a scroll of delayed fireball. Why barbarians would have a scroll of anything was a bit strange, as Im fairly sure they couldn't read. Hell, I only learned myself because of a misinterpreted order during the War of Unification that ended embarrassingly me for my squad.

Regardless, Namtar used the scroll to blow the dam wide open, sending fresh water streaming back towards the town once again. Mostly fresh water, I cant remember if we moved those barbarian corpses out of the path of the river or not….

Oh well. 


Shadowawn peref95

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