The Iron Ring

Time has lost all meaning...

Thanks to the ale, of course!

Its been ages since I've opened this thing up…what feels like ages anyway. I remember the last time being towards the end of the unification wars…I thought it important to document our resistance against the armies of the Iron Ring, led by King Rysen. Well, our depends on who was paying me at the time. I swore I was done with the mercenary life, but now here I am with these fools – pleasant enough fools, working and killing for coin once again. The song of clashing steel is just irresistible, and the blessed ale of Cayden Cailean keeps the darkest memories at bay. Now, instead of documenting the resistance, I suppose I ought to document the rise of the Recently Licensed Adventurers, in case we do something actually important enough people might want to read about it. I doubt it. Though that gnome might do something stupid enough that people will want to read about it, so theres that.

So heres how I remember it beginning…

Life in the forests of Teutoberg had grown dull. Nothing really compared to the clash of steel, the smell and taste of blood and dirt in the air. I was never very good at this whole domestic life thing. Decades spent as a mercenary meant I never bothered taking up a wife, as there were plenty of women who loved my war stories in each town or fortress we visited. Or perhaps it was the coin, either way, no good woman who would ever settle for a mercenary, and truth be told I didn't care for the family life either. Its been a few years since the Iron Ring and King Agnar Rysen has established itself as the dominant force of the land. No one, nothing, is free from their grasp or oversight.

I have no love for the man or the empire, but since their victories, well, mercenary work wasnt exactly in high demand, unless you wanted to be a personal bodyguard to one noble or another, neither of which I had an interest in. Stupid blue bloods are intolerable, and truth be told, they don't seem to need much protection these days anyway. I was always good at taking orders, but from men I respected, men who knew what it was like to fight, not some fat noble or baroness who was born with everything and wanted for nothing. Word was that men like me, former soldiers, could find work on jobs boards, and that this one small town in particular was good for men looking to enter the Ring and make a name for themselves, hopefully get noticed by some higher ups. Everyone knew the military life was the best way to gain status in this new world, and so I left my forest cabin in Teutoberg and headed for this small city of Antioch…



Shadowawn peref95

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