The Iron Ring

When the scales fall from eyes. (unfinished)

A betrayal so deep, so profound, that it would make the Gods weep. My time as a mercenary lead me to the arms and beds of many a fine woman of the night. The Shimmering Grotto of Antioch was no different. Many fine women, of many shapes, races, and sizes, offered their caring services to hard working men like myself. But it was all a lie, a lie that haunts me to this day…

Mayor Devon was always a bit strange. He often went on rants about this weird little purple haired man named Gerald who we had to be careful for, as if we hadnt faced greater dangers like a minotaur or a cyclops. Well our next mission would elucidate much about Gerald, and of our mad Mayor Devon. The town was having trouble with bandits attacking merchant caravans, so much so that we were employed by the Iron Ring themselves to figure out who these bandits were and to put an end to their raids. 

We decided to escort a caravan departing the city of Antioch to see if we could goad the raiders into attacking us, a more prepared and alert party than your typical merchant guards. It worked, much to our chagrin. The attackers moved like shadows. They were quick and vicious. The battle was fierce, our fiercest yet. As the attackers were struck down, they left behind nothing but masks. These were no mere bandits, but some sort of demonic or magical influence at work. The caravan was protected successfully, and we set off to find the source of these attackers. After asking the Caravaneers 




Shadowawn peref95

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