The Iron Ring

Wolves, ale, and fence posts.

My trip to Antioch was rather uneventful. If theres one thing the Ring Army has been relatively good at, its making life boring. I hope Im not wasting my time coming here, but its not like there are many other options open to men like me…

The Sower's Bounty was the inn I had been told of, where all sorts of jobs were posted for those looking to be noticed by the lieutenants and generals of the ring. From what I remember, it was run by a man named Tane Mot and his wife Zamra, or Samara, or something. That dragons breath drink he had makes things a bit fuzzy. This is where I met my fellow adventurers, though I hesitate to really call them that. Ones an elven farmboy, Kestren (what kind of name is that? Elves…) the other a monk or cleric or some kind of holy man, Namtar (again, these strange names…) and the other is…interesting. He's a gnome named Fizzbang…Fizzpop…I forget, we just call him Fizz. Beyond that, I couldnt tell you what he is or does. Sometimes he yells at me and then I suddenly start hitting people harder. I like to think its because he just infuriates me,  but he claims it to be some kind of magic. But then some days hes the greatest thief ever. I try not to think about it too much.

Anyway, Tane needed help with some wolves who were eating his sheep. My new companions and I took the opportunity to help the old man, because of his amazing ale (though Namtar would say its because its the right thing to do) and we set ourselves to the task. Luckily, the farmboy is a halfway decent tracker, and was able to lead us to the wolves den. On the way there, a pig ate some of my stuff, because, well, bad luck or some such thing. Who wouldnt have heard a pig coming? Its not like pigs are silent. Anyway, right, we found the den.

As we approached the den, we heard a song playing in the air. It was quite entrancing, and Im not a man for song and dance unless theres a sufficient amount of alcohol involved. We approached the den, entered to find some pups. We were approached by what I would guess was a female druid. She informed us that the reason her pack had been hunting Tanes sheep was because poachers had driven them away from their ancestral forest hunting grounds. We came to a deal that she and her pack would leave Tanes sheep if we dealt with the poachers for them. She identified them on our map and we set off.

We came across the poacher camp a day or twos march away. I can understand men hunt and skin to support themselves and their families, but these men were especially cruel. Thanks to some of Fizz's trickery, we were able to draw enough of the men out and deal with them that a frontal attack was entirely possible. We captured their leader, killed the rest, freed the game they had trapped, including a wolf pup that would later become Kestrans companion, and made off with their ill gotten gains. We brought their leader back to the druid woman, and offered him to her for their own vengeance. We received some personal emblems that would let other packs know we are welcomed kin, and some that would serve as protection for Tanes sheep.

We returned with the good news, and I helped the old man install his fence out of the goodness of my heart. This was our first successful adventure, one of many to come!


Shadowawn peref95

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